Blue Wave NJ

BlueWaveNJ, 2008, gouache on ragboard, 20″ x 24″, Collection of BlueWaveNJ


Local artist Lori Loebelsohn has created a special poster for BlueWave NJ, a Montclair-based organization that promotes liberal policies and candidates at the local, state, and national levels.  Prints of the poster, which Loebelsohn has donated to BlueWaveNJ, will be for sale at the Blue Bayou Ball on October 20, 2007 at the Montclair Women’s Club, a joint fundraiser for BlueWaveNJ and CeasefireNJ.

The poster, which is created in gouache on rag board, centers on a map of the United States in which the so-called “Red States” are a shade of purple—a mix of blue and red.  The map is surrounded by such images as the symbol for gun control, or flag-draped coffins, or a television with the word “truth” emblazoned on the screen.  These images, in turn, are surrounded by written phrases, including “Separation of Church and State,” “Universal Health Care,” and “Freedom of Speech.”  The painting was adapted after the 2007 election to include the positive change of more blue states.  This data was determined based on demographic characteristics of each state that are indicators of its current blueness or redness (  Giclee prints of both versions of the painting are for sale.

Ms. Loebelsohn states, “My work expresses ideas that are important to me, and these include the critical issues on which BlueWaveNJ works.  I was inspired to capture these key issues—such as opposing the war in Iraq, protecting Americans’ social security,   access to quality health care, and caring for the environment—through my art.”

BlueWaveNJ President Marcia Marley adds, “BlueWave’s work is so broad that it is difficult to express it in just a few words.”  But Lori has captured it in her art.  BlueWaveNJ is grateful to Lori for donating her picture, which, indeed, is worth a thousand words. For more information, please visit