Life Cycle Portraits

 “We need rituals at many times, whether for healing or transformation, celebration or mourning. To learn to create our own is to empower ourselves, and this can enrich our lives immeasurably.”   Juliet Batten, Author

I developed the term “Life Cycle Portraits” to describe works I create around a significant life cycle events. When the important day fades, my painting is a reminder of that special time. Life Cycle Portraits involve a collaborative process between the client and myself, in which I ask them to think about the significance of the event and how they might envision it visually. The interview process helps clients to recollect stories and memories from the past. Ideally as part of this process, my clients reflect upon the deeper meaning of their lives. I am fascinated by and often include archetypal images and sacred symbols that are found in mythology and ancient art.  The juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary imagery helps me to see my paintings as part of a much broader continuum.

Each painting is personal, since it reflects the client’s interests, color preferences, imagery, and mood. So far, I have created paintings for almost all the traditional life cycle rituals. By helping to tell other people’s stories, I continue to deepen my own understanding of broader, more universal themes that unite all of us.