Earth, Wind, Water, Fire Ketubah



Ketubot are available in two sizes and on canvas as limited edition giclée prints . These images come with standard text (Reform, Interfaith, Conservative or Orthodox). The text can be personalized. When the text is added and the Ketubah is signed, the print becomes an official Jewish marriage certificate.

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Personalized B’nai Mitzvah giclée prints

Lori has created paintings for many of the torah portions. The paintings that are on display can be used as “templates” for other b’nai mitzvah paintings.  She can personalize a template by adding text and imagery. This is a less expensive option than commissioning an original painting, while still providing a unique gift for the b’nai mitzvah child.

Original Painting

The original painting is created after an in depth conversation with the client. Commissions for any life cycle event or ritual are welcome. These include, b’nai mitzvot, wedding, anniversary, graduation, Confirmation, or a Story Quilt.


All giclée prints are archival,  signed by the artist, and matted on white matboard with outside dimensions that fit into ready made frames.  Because of their standard size, it’s easy to to find find a frame that suits your home and let’s you express your own personal style. Please contact the artist about different size and shipping options.


Alex Goldstein Bar Mitzvah invitation


Oftentimes, the client will choose to use the image of the original b’nai mitzvah painting on the child’s b’nai mitzvah invitation. Read more


Contact the artist for more information about how to commission an illustration.

Pricing and downloadable pdfs

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Giclée prints

“Giclée”comes from the French word meaning “a spray of liquid”.  Giclée prints are as close to the original artwork as one can get. They are created from ultra high-resolution digital pictures of the original artwork and printed using seven cartridges of the very finest quality archival inks on acid free paper. Unlike other printed reproductions, Giclées are “Museum Quality” Fine-Art reproductions. The prints can be made on various surfaces such as canvas, watercolor or photobase paper. Lori’s prints are made on 300 lb. archival watercolor paper.

All the images on my website can be purchased as limited edition prints.