Lori Loebelsohn paints life cycle portraits. The process evolves as she meets clients at pivotal moments in their lives. Through interviews with them about their most special memories, symbols and experiences and influences she captures their individual stories and creates a unique and personal artwork which inevitably becomes a family heirloom and marks lifes sacred occasions such as B’nai Mitzvahs, Weddings, and other Rites of Passage.


"After just one meeting she was able to translate my music into an inspiring and vibrant work of art. She truly captured the ikkar/essence of the music in color and form....." Read more


Artist helps clients mark pivot points, from bar mitzvah dreams to a dying wish - Lori Loebelsohn enters other people’s lives at pivotal moments: a marriage, a milestone birthday, a bar mitzvah. Armed with a pen and a notebook, she discusses intimate details about the inner lives of those she has just met: their passions, their most significant memories, their dreams. Read more